NoFraud for 3dcart App

  • Virtually Eliminate Fraud – Our average customer’s fraud rate is below 0.1% thanks to our industry leading fraud detection algorithm.
  • Nix “False Positives” – Stop refunding legitimate orders that look “questionable” (our false positive rate is below 0.2%).
  • No Manual Reviews – NoFraud provides a simple PASS or FAIL response, meaning no judgment calls on your part.
  • Lowest Cost in the Industry – No monthly minimums, monthly fees or long-term commitments. NoFraud charges a low per-transaction fee.
  • Full-Blown Chargeback Protection – If you get a chargeback on a transaction that PASSED, NoFraud will reimburse you for it.

Why NoFraud?

Online fraud is a huge concern for almost every eCommerce store owner. A single fraudulent order can wipe out your profit from 5 or 10 legitimate orders! To combat this risk, most store owners do one of two things (or both!):

  1. Many store owners spend their valuable and resources manually reviewing every order… calling customers to confirm orders, analyzing billing and shipping addresses, checking IP address locations, and so on. You (and your staff) have much better things to do with your time!
  2. Many store owners set overly rigid rules to prevent fraud, such as declining all orders unless the billing and shipping addresses match exactly. But there are a lot of legitimate reasons why a shopper would want to ship the purchased goods to a location other than the billing address (gifts, recent moves, shipping to their business address, etc.). This so-called “solution” leads to a lot of lost sales, in addition to an unnecessary increase in live chats and customer service calls.

NoFraud completely eliminates the need for all of that! No more lost orders. No more setting up fraud prevention rules and training (and re-training) your order fulfillment team to follow them. No more wasting your time manually reviewing every order. And best of all, no more laying awake at night worried about chargebacks zeroing out all the profits you’ve made from your last week or two of work!

Activate NoFraud and you’ll be able to wash your hands of the worry and work of fraud prevention. For each order, NoFraud provides a simple PASS or FAIL response in real-time based on hundreds of data points and virtually every fraud detection technology available. Plus, NoFraud virtually eliminates false positives with Live Cardholder Verification (which is done internally by NoFraud).

NoFraud has successfully reduced fraud for its customers to below 0.1% of transactions. NoFraud doesn’t require any long-term commitment or have any kind of “monthly minimum” or integration fee, making fraud prevention as easy and price effective as possible.

Want no fraud? Then sign up for NoFraud today!

How the NoFraud for 3dcart App Works

When the NoFraud app is enabled in your 3dcart store, the transaction details for every order are securely and instantaneously sent to NoFraud for analysis and validation. Within seconds, NoFraud provides you with a clear, concise, actionable response right inside your 3dCart admin panel: PASS or FAIL. There are no scores for you to analyze and try to interpret, nor are you required to configure all kinds of rules and settings. Just a simple PASS or FAIL.

When the legitimacy of a transaction is not obvious, NoFraud will provide a status of UNDER REVIEW (this typically happens on less than 1% of transactions). In these cases, NoFraud handles the manual review for you! NoFraud’s internal team of fraud analysts perform “Live Cardholder Verification” by reaching out to the customer for manual confirmation using contact information linked to the cardholder. Once completed (typically within a few hours or less), you’ll receive an email with the updated status (PASS or FAIL).

Chargeback Protection Included

NoFraud includes full-blown chargeback protection on every transaction for which NoFraud gives a PASS response. So if you end up getting a fraud chargeback for a passed transaction, NoFraud will reimburse you for the full chargeback amount (some restrictions and limitations apply).

Because NoFraud’s technology is so good at detecting and eliminating fraud, NoFraud’s fee (which includes full-blown chargeback protection) is more affordable than most of our competitors’ basic fraud detection tools (with no chargeback protection).

How to Get Started

  1. Create a NoFraud account here.
  2. Complete the 6 simple steps in the Integration Guide to “link” your NoFraud account to your 3dcart store.
  3. Kick back and enjoy the extra hours you discovered in your day by eliminating fraud prevention tasks!

Industry-Leading Fraud Detection Technology

NoFraud uses a combination of smart technology, machine learning and human intelligence to keep up to date with the complex, ever-evolving face of fraud. Here is a list of just some of the advanced technology we use to identify and prevent fraud:

  • IP Geolocation – IP Geolocation allows NoFraud to compare the device location to the billing and shipping address.
  • Proxy Piercing – Proxy piercing detects if the customer is actually where he or she claims to be.
  • Device Fingerprinting – NoFraud tracks if the device used in the transaction has been linked to fraud in the past.
  • Global Blacklists – NoFraud interfaces with global customer blacklists to detect repeat fraudsters.
  • Velocity Detection – NoFraud monitors transaction velocity to identify risk through related transactions in close succession to each other.
  • Persona Tracking – Persona tracking identifies order characteristics and customer behavior to establish risk.
  • Social Media Validation – NoFraud pulls data from social media databases to verify the customer’s identity.
  • Merchant-Specific Blacklists – NoFraud utilizes merchant-specific blacklists to cross-reference transactions with cards and customers previously associated with fraud.
  • Email History & Verification – NoFraud analyzes the customer’s email address for age, history and authentication.
  • User Behavior – NoFraud monitors the way the shopper “interacts” with the website to identify abnormal and unnatural behaviors.
  • AVS/CVV Verification – NoFraud collects and analyzes AVS/CVV data to identify fraud and to ensure a low false decline rate.
  • Intelligent Monitoring – NoFraud monitors future transactions to retroactively flag past transactions as fraudulent when new data becomes available.


NoFraud charges a very low per-transaction fee of just 0.45% of each transaction (and remember, this rate includes full-blown chargeback protection). There are NO monthly minimums, monthly fees, set-up fees or long term commitments. NoFraud retains your business by eliminating fraud and saving your company money, not because you’re locked into a long-term contract!


For questions about the NoFraud service, please visit For questions about this app, please contact us at 3dcart[at-symbol]nfapps[dot]com.

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